When we talk about VOIP (voice over internet protocol) Service then the first name which comes in mind is Skype. Skype is one of the well-known word for people who use messenger and calling tools regularly. Skype allows messaging, video calls and voice call at just free of cost it only needs a high-speed […]

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Amazing Websites to Make Yourself Smarter

  In today’s time, almost 90% world spends their most of time in front of computer screen and this is the reason the era is called modern digital era. It shows that how much literacy skills are developing  in people and how much they are getting more educate day by day which is  obviously a […]

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World Beyond Google for SEO

Wed 4 Nov 2015


5:19 pm

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  When the Companies or organization make the strategy to grow their business with the help of internet than for the SEO purpose most of the uses Google and measurably it is quite correct also because 60 to 70 percent of searching takes parts on Google only. But as widely the internet is spreading people […]

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  Online jobs or making money is becoming hot day by day in all over the world. Who doesn’t want to work by sitting in pajamas on a couch at home and having a cup of coffee in hand and no botheration of work and the important thing is there is NO BOSS you are […]

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Typing speed and Accuracy of words is one of the biggest fundamental skills for the content writer. Not only for the content writer but any of field where you wish to pursue these two aspects plays a vital role like writing E-mails, Writing a blogger, writing blog, writing content etc. the average typing speed is […]

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  A few week back Google began rolling out the latest update to their Search Engine Algorithm called Panda.  Google has become very mysterious about an update to its Algorithms. And this mysterious can make a huge effect on companies’ website search ranking and returns also.  Google employees initially said that this update was just […]

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  Not only searching infect you can do lots of things using Google search. Most of the people sue Google search everyday but still I am sure that people still don’t know lot’s of tricks which Google has hidden inside. Here is an overview of some of the interesting, useful and amazing Google search tricks. […]

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Keyboard Shortcuts, F1 to F12 and Many More

  Shortcuts keys provide an easier and quicker method of navigating and executing a command on a computer. But still most of the peoples are aware with the best time-saving shortcuts on the keyboard. Most of the shortcuts keys accessed by using of Alt key, Ctrl key, Shift key, and the very important the Function […]

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  Choosing or finding the right web developer for your website is one of the difficult works because your whole marketing strategies and business is based upon your website or can say your dream website. There is lots of web development companies are available in the market who promise you to design and develop your […]

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Some of Way to Speed up Your Browser

If you  like me and spend a huge time of your day browsing the web whether it’s for job purpose for just for research or for entertainment purpose. Then you can easily understand how frustrating it is to have slow speed. No matter how fast your internet Speed is sometimes it happens that you’re browsing […]

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