Android is one of the most powerful Operating system using mobile phones from low-end ones to high end. The most reason behind that is its Application compatibility and availability of handy android apps in the market easily. The most benefit of android phones is you can run all the apps or even whole mobile […]

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    Cloud data storage or cloud computing or cloud service each term linked to each other. Cloud computing is not the easiest thing to understand because it’s too vast which is really hard for anyone to grasp. The first thing to know about the cloud computing is it’s not cloud which floating like nebulous […]

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  WordPress 4.4 has released with some amazing and shiny features, which is useful for developers to make their work easier and effective.  And it’s a mandatory thing that whenever a new version of WordPress releases it comes up with some extra and additional feature. With make the developers happy and as the praxis, now […]

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  Smartphones are not a toy, which you can bring and when you get bored then can easily you dump it. The simple starting cost of iPhone is $250 and if you talk about an Android phone then average price is $80, so instead of wasting your money, again and again, buy a good one […]

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Spending many of years on blogs and suddenly someone hacked all the blog is same as a nightmare.  Getting Blog hacked is an Unfortunate Reality that many of people actually go through and it really gives a big shock to the person. A Research shows that more than 30.000 websites hacked each day. So if […]

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  SEO is a little world to hear but in reality, this small 3 character word contains a big meaning which matters a lot for each organization to increase profitability ratio. SEO (Search Engine optimization) .       Here we are giving you few of interesting and important tips which will help you to […]

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Free Alternative Tools to Photoshop

Tue 23 Feb 2016


10:28 am

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Adobe Photoshop is one of the best and powerful image editing tools which are mostly used editing software by the people for photo editing purpose. Which support several of layers, color model and masks etc and there is plugin also available for expanding the capabilities. But if you are the one who are looking for […]

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  Every computer user has inbuilt software for copy paste Documents, files, music, images, PDF from one location to other or from one device to another device like computer to DC/DVD or Computer to Pen Drive or from Pen drive to Computer. But many of the time users felt that copying bigger documents take time […]

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  Everyone is familiar with the term SEO (Search engine optimization) and as well as with its importance also that how much important it is for a website. it’s  an identified fact that SEO is undergoing speedy changes and cause of which many of websites get down in Google ranking because SEO person still using […]

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Never DO this thing with you Computer

You do lots of things unintentionally with your PC and you have no idea  that this all can make your PC’s life shorter and as well as creates lot’s of problem inside which id invisible for you but it reflects on speed, working and many more thing of PC. SO here we are describing you […]

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