To promote your blog 7 tricks you must do

Wed 19 Mar 2014


10:01 am

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To promote your blog 7 tricks you must do

Creating or promoting your blog content there are some strategic tricks that show the big impact to increase the traffic on your blog website. For this in first step you have to create a Google webmaster tools account to showing the visitor detail and giving the alert detail to the admin. If you are not familiar to this tool then these trick makes your blog more searchable –

• Sitemap
• Duplicate content
• 301 redirect
• Title tags
• Images
• Start the conversation
• Schmooze

With the help of these tools you can promote your blog without hacking. With the more visitors on your blog site you can earn money by the Google. So with the effort you can build a powerful network from it and gain unlimited traffic on their website.

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