4 Latest Google Ads Trends in 2020

Tue 7 Jan 2020


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Google ads trends in 2020

To get organic traffic to your website is very hard. When someone works for organic traffic at the website there are tons of the competitions for the keywords and social media is now a pay to play space, as well as voice search, is throwing in the wrench in everything which is an optimization of search engine related.

If you want more leads and sales then you have to some pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. There it is a place where there is 63,000 searches that are done per second. Additionally, it was also recorded that Google has 90.46% of the search engine market which share worldwide. Daily 15% of all the searches have never been searched before on Google. Every single day an average person conducts 3-4 searches. In this article, you will know about the six biggest Google Ads trends for the year 2020 to help you to plan the right marketing campaigns for your business.

4 Google Trends we can expect in 2020

Latest google trends in 2020







  1. Google Ads Smart Bidding

smart bidding in google adwords

In the last years, Google has heavily invested in artificial intelligence (AI). Therefore the smart bidding is one of the many results of that investment. Google’s AI system uses the machine learning for the automatically optimize for the conversions in each of the auction. You tell Google what your advertising goal is and Smart Bidding figures out how to get it done within your budget and with a web development company.

The process of smart bidding allows you to use many of the different signals for optimizing. Some of them are unique to the system and unavailable with manual bidding. Below mention is some of the point checkout from them.

  • Location Intent: Location intent is a place where a user intends to go versus their physical location. For instance, someone is researching travel.
  • Weekday and time of day: The local businesses can able to target the customers during certain times with the relevant information and offers.
  • Remarking list: All ads can be optimized which are based on the users last interacted with products and what are those interactions were.
  • Ad characteristics: If someone has multiple versions of an ad, then Google can bid on the ones that are most likely for the conversion.
  • Interface Language: We can able to adjust the bids for the language which a user is searching for.
  1. Google Discovery Ads

Google discovery ads

In late 2018, Google has rolled out discover it is the personalized mobile newsfeed. The main goal of the feed is to surface relevant content for the users even when they are not searching.  Thus the discover content is arranged as the cards under the topics for exploring the depending on the interest of the user such as the videos, recipes, news articles, and the blog posts.  The main focus of the content is relevancy and it doesn’t always give you the newest content. Always the quality evergreen content is featured. Anyone can find Google Discover which is available via mobile app and by visiting Google on the mobile browser. Users are able to control what shows up in the feed and which leads to a more personalized experience.

  1. Google Gallery Ads

gallery ads

In 2019, Google launched the beta version of the Gallery Ads. They are similar to Facebook’s Carousel Ads and they feature images that the mobile users can scroll through to get the more viral information about the brand, product or service. Google’s Gallery Ads will appear at the top of the search results and features 4-8 images. Every image has its own text which appears along with a static headline and URL, the advertisers pay when a user clicks or swipes an image.


  1. Integrated Ad Campaigns with the Google Lens

Integrated Ad Campaigns with the Google Lens

The lens means Google Lens is a visual search engine by Google. It recognizes the objects and landmarks through the native app. Thus it is also integrated with Google Photos and some Android phones with the Google Assistant and the Google app.

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