APRIL GOOGLE UPDATE: Now Google Product Reviews Can Also Affect Search Results?

Wed 12 May 2021


6:54 pm

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Google Product Review

In the previous month google announced about the product reviews update for search. With the this update it changes the kind of the commerce content that helps to rank highest in the search engine results.  Let us tell you that this is not the core update. On the other the change has significant implications for the publishers that have made the commerce content and it is increasingly vital component of their businesses.

As per the google, with this update it will only prioritize the reviews that feature about the information that is collected through the hands on and the genuine evaluation of the product rather than aggregated.

About the UPDATE:

According to this new april update about the product reviews update, the google search is always working to show the most useful as well as helpful information possible with the testing, experimenting, and review processes. From this, we know people appreciate product reviews that share in-depth research, rather than thin content that simply summarizes a bunch of products. That’s why we’re sharing an improvement to our ranking systems, which we call the product reviews update, that’s designed to better reward such content. This update is not apply for the regional or the multilingual searches yet.

Who will be impacted with Google Product Reviews Update?

  1. There are many website that do not publish the product reviews then they do not have to worry about the update as they will not be affect by this update.
  2. If you are one of the website who publish the product reviews then be careful while monitoring the traffic by search engine optimization and looking for anything that is out of the ordinary.
  3. Google suggested website owners observe fluctuations in traffic and rankings. This suggestion is because there are any sudden drop in the search traffic at the around that time that would indicate about the website that is impacted by new update.

If your website is impacted by this update?

  1. Google update focuses on providing users with content offering insightful analysis and original research.
  2. The aim of this update, according to Google, is to prioritize product reviews written by experts or enthusiasts or even genuine customers who know the subject/topic well enough. You can take help of web design company to know more about it.
  3. If your website has been impacted by the update, or you suspect it to have done the same, you should pay heed to Google’s advice on creating better content.

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