Effective SEO tips of Blogspot to increase traffic

Wed 7 Jan 2015


12:38 pm

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SEO tips of Blogspot to increase traffic

Despite of gadget this year in automobile field many new techniques will come in CES. Well, this year it is possible that many Mobile companies will not launch their Smartphone in CES because this year in February Mobile world congress is about to start in which any new Smartphone will be launched. But this time many Smartphone may launch in CES.

1. Lenovo 4G LTE
this company can launch its phone in CSE 2015 tech. In this 5 inch screen Lenovo Smartphone 1.2 gigahertz quad core qualcom processor snapdragon 410, 16 GB memory, 1 GB RAM and 4G support is given.

2. It is difficult to add name of Codec android Smartphone and codec but this year CES can launch codec android of Camera maker company means with codec bullet name can show their android phone.

3. Xiaomi MI5
last year xiaomi earned a lot profit in comparison of other Mobiles. This year news is in chaos that new format of MI 4 can launch in which with 5.5 inch screen snapdragon processor and 3 GB RAM and 4G LTE support will be there.

4. LG flax 3
LG also can launch flex smartphone in 2015. Even in upcoming Smartphone Qual com also has shown its Smartphone LG flex 2. According to report in G flex 2 4G support is also given. HTC desire Smartphone HTC is also launching its premium handset desire series in which in addition of camera and big screen other features will be included.

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