Free Mobile Apps Every Collage student should download

Thu 14 Apr 2016


3:56 pm

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If you are school, college or university going student then you know that how it feels to carry lots’ of thing with you in your bag every day from pen pencil to books. And sometimes when you left any of thing from them then it becomes very problematic But now time is changing and technology is taking the place of this thing so why don’t you try this technology, which will not only help you to reduce your Burdon even it helps you in many more ways also. So take a look below given some Free Mobile Apps which you should defiantly use.


  1. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

If you always carry your dictionary with you then this is very important software for you.  It’s an offline Dictionary which works offline also; you can find meaning, definition, antonyms, and synonyms of any word. By using this App you need not carry your dictionary always with you.

  1. CamScanner

Are you get tired out of spending lots of bucks on photocopies and carrying around a stack of papers with you? If yes, then this app is absolutely for you, this app allows you to take photos of pages like a mini scanner.

  1. iAnnotate

This App allows you to make notes and mark PDF files and this app makes it possible it possible to switch between pages or document without closing the other one. if you use this app then there is no longer need to print out documents and then add your own notes to them.

  1. Google docs

Yes, Google a trustworthy fellow of everyone from searching to saving documents. When you want to work in a group on the same project but have no time and option to go each other’s place then this app will make help you a lot by using this app you can work collaboratively.

  1.  My Exam

Exam days!!!! It’s really hard days for every student no matter whether he is school going or university going. If someone makes you alert again and again and gives you a countdown for all your test and submissions dates then how’s it feel? I think it’s the best thing, but who will gonna to do this for you. So the answer is My Exam app, it will be your reminder for every step in your exam days.




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