Method to improve the usability of an eCommerce website

Tue 18 Feb 2014


9:13 am

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Method to improve the usability of an eCommerce website

For the ecommerce website it is considerable that how we can make ecommerce website friendlier, usable, and more popular & many more. If we talk about the Smartphone user then present generation likely to buy the product from ecommerce website by the help of touch screen Smartphone’s & the ratio of it increases 216%. So simply the usability of ecommerce website in present is very much & people like this service very much. Here are some points that you have to keep in mind to improve the usability of eCommerce website – 1. Buy without registration – it a method to buy a product from eCommerce website that you have to firstly login & after that you can buy. In that there also many discount prices product available to attract the customer mind. 2. A search function – In the eCommerce website a search engine tool is to find the desired product make convenient for the customer. 3. Breadcrumb Navigation – To place your order beautifully this tool is work in eCommerce website. It show the exactly that which page is coming next in the website. 4. Simplify the checkout process – Asking the unnecessary information on eCommerce website from customer; it creates the negative impact on your business profit. 5. Have proper security method – As per the concerning of customer security in online shopping this is main topic to give the safe area to customer. 6. Provide the best deal offer news mails – To increase the ecommerce website profit forwarding the weekly, monthly best deal offer to customer is the best way. Displaying also on website home page best deal offer of product make more creative for business benefit. That’s why improving the usability of an eCommerce website these tool work as the medium to reach the customer quickly.

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