Now Without Links Rank in Google Is Possible

Fri 10 Jul 2015


12:10 pm

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Now Without Links Rank In Google Is Possible

We heard from Google that marketers have to stop focusing on building links, for years now. Now it is accepted that you should ignore the manipulative links building for rank in Google to be higher in search results.

The popular storyline would have us believe that these external links are not much important in Google’s ranking algorithm at all, we can safely ignore these all link buildings.

Now you are thinking is this possible to boost ranking in Google’s search results?

Yeah, it’s true!!! To find out the truth, you can scroll the biannual ranking correlation study.

Study says that…

“Correlation is not causation. According to this a feature is directly proportional to the high ranking but doesn’t mean that Google actually use it in its algorithm”.

Know, what the new data says about links and Google ranking:

Almost competitive searches use the external links- 

If anyone wishes to rank for something and it’s even remotely competitive, the probability of searching the website ranking will be very rare indeed without external links.

To rank an individual page links are not necessary-

As per long time period your website appears more than possible to rank individual page on your website with itself linked externally. There is a study relationship between links to a page and performance of that page in search— that’s why it is better if that page have external links.

How we can rank without links-

We all knows that no website in there which doesn’t have any external links. According to study lots of other websites are also using same phrase to rank their site. Although we should use the unique phrase that have much lower competition and by default much lower traffic.

In other cases, it is also possible to rank without links, like if any user is searching for our website individually or if we offer for some unique things that can’t be found anywhere else. In these cases, Links are actually pointing specifically our website.

That’s the reason so people believe that link building is dead.

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