Tips for Extending the Life of Your Smartphone

Thu 17 Mar 2016


3:15 pm

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Smartphones are not a toy, which you can bring and when you get bored then can easily you dump it. The simple starting cost of iPhone is $250 and if you talk about an Android phone then average price is $80, so instead of wasting your money, again and again, buy a good one and tack care of it so your phone’s life will get longer.


Here below we have gathered few points for you, this tips will help you get more bang for your penny.

1.            Keep shut off your phone regularly

As you would never leave your laptop or computer switch on for several weeks as the same you should give rest to your phone also because your phone is very similar to a computer. So cause of that power down your phone for few minutes at least once a week.

2.            Avoid malware and viruses

Never use third party software for your phone. If you are using iPhone then go with Appstore and if using an Android then go with Playstore, Because sometimes the third party software crash all the mobile data or many of the time it uses for stealing the personal information.

3.            Remove unnecessary apps

Many of time happen that the smartphone users fed up with the hanging problem in phone and this all happen cause of storage and RAM capability. The cause of using several of apps memory consumption get increase and the resultant is phone get to hang again and again.

4.            Use tempered protector

If Phone’s screen gets broken then it really makes typical to use a phone and it may end up leading further reimbursement. So for avoiding this you should use Temper as a protector for your phone it is a good investment it will dramatically reduce a cost of risk.

5.            Use cloud storage

Take advantage of cloud computing and save your data on it so by doing that you can make empty your phone and y doing this your phone have to process a lot for lot’s of data again and again.



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