Interesting Features of WordPress 4.4 You Should Know

Mon 28 Mar 2016


6:34 pm

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WordPress 4.4 has released with some amazing and shiny features, which is useful for developers to make their work easier and effective.  And it’s a mandatory thing that whenever a new version of WordPress releases it comes up with some extra and additional feature. With make the developers happy and as the praxis, now Takashi lire has developed new WordPress 4.4 version with a various of mind-blowing features,  So here you take a look at some of them.


  1. Embed you post

You can easily embed your content anywhere on your site just by grabbing the URL of a post and pasting it into the editor then the preview of  your post that embed will appear on your own page.

  1. Default Theme: Twenty Sixteen

The theme Twenty Sixteen is designed by Takashi lire, Twenty fourteen and Twenty Fifteen are also developed by them.  Twenty Sixteen is comes with custom color and with default color scheme, featuring optional sidebar, harmonious fluid grid and many more other polished and nailed features.

  1. Responsive images

Internet access is done by various devices like mobile, PC, laptop, iPod and many others, a cause of this website should be responsive as well as image also should be responsive. WordPress 4.4 now supports responsive images on your theme easily.

  1. Comment field

WordPress has made changes on the comment form. In this comment field is displayed first then the name and then email. And on the backend now the comment is represented by the WP_Comment object.


JSON based RESET AIP now comes as a part of the WordPress core which allows users or developers to create new APIs. And pointers are still available with plugins.



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