Top Myths of Cloud System Exposed

Mon 4 Apr 2016


2:40 pm

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Cloud data storage or cloud computing or cloud service each term linked to each other. Cloud computing is not the easiest thing to understand because it’s too vast which is really hard for anyone to grasp. The first thing to know about the cloud computing is it’s not cloud which floating like nebulous mist on top of our head. Cloud computing is a physical infrastructure which consists of many computers housed in huge data centers.  Another thing which makes confuses most is, where the data goes and from where we are accessing back our data. Finding the answer to these question people get more confused with other terminologies and creates lot’s of myths. So here below we are discussing for those of some myths.

  1. Cloud computing is too complicated

This is the biggest myth people have regards cloud computing. Actually, the complexity of cloud computing Is depends upon the levels and according to your choice. Each level has a different kind of complexity and changing a level of change in your system or application.

  1. Cloud servers never go down

People have an assumption that if they acquire cloud computing for their enterprise then their server will never go down. Web hosting companies make false claims that cloud is completely immune to outage or demurrage, which is not true. There is nothing in IT which doesn’t have a failure or never goes down.

  1. Cloud system isn’t safe

It’s the biggest myth. Actually, cloud computing is something which is directly proportional to Security.  Cloud service providers’ offers options that provide a high level of security for your system or application.

  1. Cloud computing is not for small business

It’s totally false assumption because cloud computing having its own level and stages of security so it totally depends upon you that what level you are choosing. Cloud is available for a big enterprise and also other medium or small business and even for the individual customer also.

  1. Cloud has limited application

The services provided by cloud based system are more effective and efficient than your normal and regular uses. Cloud based system offers numerous functions like a conference call, data storage, file sharing, phone service and many more amazing options.




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