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BEST free video submission site 2014

Social media platform are the most important tool to improve your business as well as website, in the concern of it here are some free video submission sites which help you in dynamic way. Means that in one hand you can promote your business on social media platform and in other you promote your business […]

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Tips to improve business profit from e-commerce website

Make the website dynamic is the present market because now user want to save their and want to invest this time into some positive areas.  Thus some factor makes your e-commerce website creative and more searchable. The first factor is add advanced and more products in their e-commerce website. The second factor is providing the […]

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Samsung will launch folding tablet to market in 2015

In Smartphone segment Samsung will launch folding tablet in 2015 for the interesting user and it will be a new invention in the market means in other word it will be big thing. The new folding tablet would be with full HD resolution & 8-9 inch OLD display. If we talk about the Samsung invention […]

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Find the real platform in technology is missing for marketers discuss

From a recent study it is found that marketers are facing technology gap. Those organization are run with management, monitoring, implementing, integrating  are not seeking from technology gap but those organization are not work with these parameter those are seeking from this gap. A short case study will be concluding to determine the technology gap […]

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For advanced analytics distributed computing platform Google Launches Cloud Storage Connector For Hadoop

In the current market Google try make better software tools forward in the market. In the series of it invent the new Google cloud storage that have long time capability top run hadoop on the Google cloud platform. The main plus point of this dynamic tools developer can simply use the advanced or updated analytics […]

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Now your Gmail ID publicly by the Google discuss...

As regarding privacy concern in Google’s Gmail now users getting message from those who do not share your mail id with privacy advocates. Google announce this theme because Google wants that Google+ will be utilized as social network & more and more people connect to each other. That is the reason when user sign in […]

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