5 Pro Tips of Instagram Marketing Every Businessmen should know

Tue 23 Mar 2021


9:19 pm

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5 Pro Tips of Instagram Marketing Every Businessmen should know

While we talk about the digital marketing strategies then it includes the social media. So we all know that the most common social media platforms are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

According to the type of industry, you can decide the use of the network and your target audience, and the content that you are committed to creating.

Do you know how Instagram is beneficial for your Business?

In today’s modern era Instagram has proven itself as the viable social network for every businesses to post and advertise on it. Since facebook now owns instagram, it makes it easier than ever for business to have a presence on Instagram. Below mention are some of the points that shows how instagram is helpful for your business with social media marketing.

  • There are 62% of Instagram users login at least once per day
  • Approximately 200 million Instagram users visit at least once business profile daily
  • 1/3 of the most-viewed Stories are from businesses

You can utilize the link in the Bio Option

Thus we all know that Instagram does not allow you for putting the clickable links in the posts. But this is unfortunate, we are so used to do the linking in the areas of our website in the posts. As web designing company we do not recommend anyone to add a link directly to the post because a user will not be able to click that link and get to where you want them to go.

Use the relevant hashtags

You need to follow several hashtags for the topics that you are interested in. If you are running a business then should follow the hashtags for the keywords that are related to your industry. Following hashtags on your Instagram will add any posts tagged with those words to your feed. It allows you to see what your target audience and competitors are posting.

Engage With Others

This tip applies to all social networks. As businesses, we’re often used to posting the content to fill our pages and then moving on to the next thing. However, it’s important to also engage with your followers.

Use High-Quality Photos

Instagram is a visual network. There is far less text on Instagram than what you might see on Facebook or LinkedIn. And Instagram cuts of text on a user’s feed if it’s too long. Using high-quality photos is extremely important. This doesn’t mean you need a high-quality, professional grade camera. Most smartphones now have great cameras and if you can obtain a ring light that will be even better.

Add Captions to Videos

Video has become extremely popular on most social networks. But keep in mind that the default setting for Instagram users is that the sound is automatically muted. You can increase engagement by adding captions to your videos and allow users to take in the content if they’re unable to unmute.

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