Facebook Will Use LinkedIn Profile Tags Very Soon In Profile

Fri 7 Aug 2015


6:57 pm

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Facebook is world’s biggest social network site there is no doubt in this and for capturing the user and for more convince of the user Day by day facebook team is making some changes in feature of facebook. These features are very interesting for use and beneficial also.

Now once again Facebook team is going to make some changes in facebook. This time the idea is taken from the LinkedIn’s best feature “Profile Tag”. Yes now FB team is going to apply this feature in facebook but the difference is that it will be little bit personal in facebook on LinkedIn it’s not too personal.

This Profile tag allows friend to describe your personality. That tags can be with simple text or can be with the emojis.  By this tagging your friends can tag you with the skills but the good part is that firstly it needs your permission to show on your timeline until you give permission it can’t show on your timeline. Once it rolled out everyone the friends can add tags by going to your own time line itself by using the words like Dancer, Designer, Thinker and Philosopher etc whatever they wants, after tagging by them you receives a notification for promoting you to accept the request or decline the tag. If you accept this request then this tags will visible on your timeline to everyone and if you decline then this tag will be disappear  or you can decline it also just like we decline the friend request of the people. When you decline it the tag will remain in pending list whenever you want you can accept this. When once it approved by you, other friend of yours can like this skill or tag of yours which will appears in descending order in like’s notification.

So this will be very interesting features for the guys by this you can tag your friend’s skill on there as well as on your time line also

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