Insanely Actionable Tips to Enhance Blog Traffic

Tue 5 Jan 2016


3:58 pm

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One of the major and biggest problems facing by the bloggers is the lack of traffic on their website. This is really hard to get but DO you have ever wondered that why this happen that after doing everything in a right manner still your site is falling behind? Why most of the blogger fails to get organic traffic on their blog? And How to improve traffic? The major reason behind not getting organic traffic is a lack of SEO optimization, not connecting with the reader or visitors, and not focusing on Social Media. Anyways here we are discussing how to increase traffic. So let check it our few of the given points over here which might be proven to very useful for you.

1.    Keyword search

It doesn’t matter how much effective your content is the main thing matter is, how much effective your keyword is. So for an effective keyword, you have to use proper SEO strategy that helps you to search new and good keyword for your content.

Another way to know a profitable keyword you should search the website of your competitor.

2.    Website Should be Unique

Is your website having something new? Is it having new matter or content? Is it delivering the best knowledge?  If your answer is yes, then no one ever would leave your website without subscribing because Readers wants to get the new thing. And if your website is unique and has new things then you should not worry about traffic.

3.    Get involve in blogosphere

Show your interest in other’s website also and by the help of the other website try to spread your name. Because when people know you then they will get trust on you, get a link with you and share your post and blogs.

For showing more visibility or involvement you can use few of more technique like

•    Leave comments on others blogs or posts, and try to leave a relevant and mesmerizing comment so by which you will grab or seek the attention of other readers and writers also.

•    Write Guest post for other sites by doing this you can spread your name online. By doing this, you will not improve your links with others even you will get a traffic on your website also.

4.    Social media Activeness

The most power behind creating traffic for your website is played by the Social media. Anyone can use social media to get huge traffic on their website, getting huge traffic by social media is not a tuff job but the major thing to remember is to create a post which will attract or seek the attraction of viewers or you followers to click on your post.

5.    Use Eye seeker headline

You know what 4 out of 5 people read your blog’s headline first if it is boring or dull then they ignore your content. So try to use effective and attractive headline for your content, so it will catch eyes of visitors and by doing this your traffic will get improve automatically.



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