Some Cyber Security Tips for Bloggers

Tue 28 Jun 2016


6:06 pm

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Whether you are a perfect blogger or a newbie blogger, but your main aim to make your blogger career perfect and profitable, which is possible if you make your blogger effective, communicable, readable, understandable and fruitful for the viewer but do you think so that these are the enough things to make your blogging career? Then No, with all these thing one thing also matter is cyber securities because toady’s era is digital era where everything is taking place with the help of internet and this thing makes human being life easy but as everyone knows that everything has some advantages and some disadvantage, on the internet many of hacker are sitting on point to point who are there just for hacking your work which juts take few minute for them to crack your site. And it’s just like the biggest nightmare when you lost your whole personal data and work just in a minute.

So this is the reason we want to make aware all the blogger to use some cyber tricks and tips and make your career safer.

  1. Avoid storing password in your browser

Storing password in the browser is one of the common cyber mistakes making by the internet users today and as the same mistake bloggers do at the time of login into WordPress or on log in the portal and it’s the thing which can make the serious risk. So it’s our suggestion for you to store your password in secure password location instead of storing it into WordPress or on log in portal.

  1. Use VPN or Private Networks

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is one of the best services for the internet users to save their browsing session. VPN service makes help encrypt the traffic between your device and the server and this is the reason it makes safe your browsing season.

  1. Use Antivirus and keep your security updates up to date

Security software and antivirus are absolutely necessary for bloggers. So you should keep startr finding with effective and best software according to your budget and suitability when once you have got the software installed then it’s essential to keep it up to date because it’s the only option which can help you to save your system to malwares and viruses.

  1. Avoid using any of decoded Wi-Fi system

It’s really an easy way to hook up with any of decoded system but you know that it is not safe and really very harmful for the blog. If you want to work in a remoter workplace then make sure that the Wi-Fi with you are connected .



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