Some Ways to Secure and Protect Data when Working Remotely

Wed 25 May 2016


7:04 pm

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There are many of people or employees who like to work remotely but remotely working is not the safest way to work because when you work remotely then possibility of attacks gets  increase. And it can harm your personal and valuable data. So, now the thing is that how to keep your information safe whenever you choose the option of working remotely.

Here we have gathered few of information for you to use at the time of working from office or from home remotely.


  1. Create strong password

It’s a very important thing you should always keep remind that whenever you work remotely try to keep your password strong. A Strong password is mean to the combination of words, numbers and special symbols.  So by that, it becomes harder for the hacker to descript your password.

  1.  install tracking software

Prey is a one of the useful software; you can use it for making your remote access more secure. In some case if your device gets stolen then it lets you to remotely lock down your device and delete the password.

  1. Migrate your data to cloud

cloud is the hot topic for today’s time, most of the people use cloud-based storage to keep their data safe so by that in the case of hacking or device stolen they can get back up of data easily. cloud is a service which allows you to access your data from anywhere at any time.

  1. Secure Email program

Whenever you want to work remotely try to use the secure email program like Virtru or Tutanota which will make help you to protect your communication via the network. These both offers free basic encryption plan.

  1. use VPN(Virtual Private Network)

VPN is one of the most effective and proven ways to keep secure your data when you connecting the web via any of Wi-Fi. And when you are working over on corporate file server then VPN will be the best choice for you.

  1. Keep turn on your Mobile Firewall

A firewall can help you in the most effective manner to avoid the risk of security by blocking the unauthorized access of people. So whenever you use public Wi-Fi to work remotely make sure that your mobile firewall in on.



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