10 Important Apps Employs Can Use at Work

Fri 4 Sep 2015


4:38 pm

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10 Important Apps Employs Can Use at Work

In today’s internet world all the work in now on intent which makes our work easier. Mobile apps and websites app are always works for making our work easier and simpler by using application we perform work accurately and can easily save our time, everyone knows that, today we wants to introduce some apps which will help you to do your work with less effort and sonly.

  1. Box offers a file sharing and collaboration platform used by enterprises for making their work more easily.
  2. Dropbox 95% of employee uses this app for sync their files across devices along with that it provides additional control capabilities such as audit logo and remote device
  3. YouTube can be plays a important role for connect with customer and providing them large size HD videos.
  4. By using office 365 you can edit and store word, excel and PowerPoint documents in the cloud from a web interface or mobile app.
  5. Facebook is very helpful to promote the company’s brand and engage with customers. Although we can promote as much as we can by using this.
  6. Salesforce is also offers leading solution for marketing automation, enterprise social network, and customer supports. it helps the salespersons and Crms to keep in touch with clients.
  7. Gmail is using by almost every company as their corporate widely email solutions along with that employ also use personally Gmail accounts for sending large files to their co employs.
  8. Apple iCloud is uses by most of companies for saving the data or can say that for back up purpose. iCloud is very authenticate and reliable for back up
  9. By using Google drive companies can sync and share files Google, apps ,stores, documents, spreadsheets and presentation in Google drive allow users to collaborate in real time
  10.  Cisco WebEx allows employees to share their screen while delivering presentation online

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