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Tired of paying inflated mobile bills owing to excessive information use? Undecided what is uptake up your monthly information allowance? We’re giving you 5 ways that to regulate your mobile information consumption and check your bills… Track information use The latest iterations of each automaton and iOS enable you to trace information usage for individual […]

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With our lives are becoming progressively digital, trust and privacy have not been a lot of essential. The study says and also the multitudinous information breaches of banks and ecommerce stores have brought information privacy at the forefront and created world uproar. Because of our very digital lives, our digital footprint is currently growing at […]

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With having such lots of photo-enhancing choices out there in Smartphone in current time, for instance icon video cutting with graphics, writing filters and writing tools etc, these are usually robust to know once to use them. For taking advantage of one commanding device of our Smartphone, High Dynamic Range (or HDR) images, the pictures […]

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Turn your phone into something fresh update to Android Lollipop

The OS prepared clutter free and include flat icons which indeed is a big upgrading from Kit Kat which made only incremental changes to Jelly Bean. Some of the clear changes are – More can be done from the lock screen Now you need not unlock your phone to read messages. Also you can toggle […]

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Android Apps Development: Easiest & Fastest

Today, android app development is a procedure that can help businesses to do well and give them with a competitive edge over their opposition. Businesses in different industries can pick benefits from such apps and build their business victorious. Little Investment and High Return on Investment Android as a mobile stage provides less obstruction for […]

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Most popular mobile platform tuned for up-to-date version of android

Millions of mobile devices of android are popular in more than 190 countries worldwide. It’s the largest base that easy to install in any mobile platform and rising fast every day. First time users make in use of their android devices begin to use apps, games, and other digital substance. Android offers you a world-class […]

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android app

With the popularity of Smartphone and tablet, the market of apps is also increasing rapidly. Seeing the demand of various apps nowadays Companies are coming in market with various apps. Here are some topmost apps for month November. PC mark every android Smartphone user who carries Smartphone and tablet worried about the working capacity of […]

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Delhi integrated multi model transits system has made a special type of mobile app. Through this app women who travel in cluster buses of DIMTS, can inform to police or their relatives about the accident or any other dangerous situation without calling. DIMTS has given name of telltail to this app. Benefits of this app […]

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windows phone

In this era of digital world where technology has reached to stage of new environment of gadgets that has made everything possible in less time and with perfection you can perform each task. Newly developed operating systems are much helpful to take enhancement in career. There are many wonderful apps that you can download for […]

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Surprising features of IPhone

Fri 25 Jul 2014


5:45 am

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There are some features of I-phone that is possible that you do not know about them. If you are using IPhone from a long time and you are loyal user of it even you do not know about these features. Take look to some surprising features- Switch control This feature will shake your mind when […]

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