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Now charge your mobile phone by walking shoes

This is the new invention of technology that now when you walking from the shoes you can charge your mobile phone. This invention is created by a class 12th Indian student hailing from Nainital, Rajesh Adhikari. In the process of it the charger works on ingenious spring and dynamo mechanism which is connected via simple […]

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Tools of mobile marketing for business

To enhance any business many tools that play important role, here are 6 points which improve your business profit as well as goodwill in the market. So take a tour to know that how you can does simply effective mobile marketing for business. Responsive design – According to current scenario it is not necessary that […]

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With 3-megapixel camera Nokia X reported new high definition Android Smartphone

Nokia have an excellent image in the market of android Smartphone & set their benchmark to giving the best features to the Smartphone user. In the series of It Nokia announced Nokia X spotted under the camspeed test database with 3 megapixel camera in zero focusing time in the click it means in this handset […]

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