The things that should keep mind on font management while designing

Sat 18 Oct 2014


6:01 am

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Font management while designing is a foremost thing to consider like uninstalling or installing the font, cancelling the font, write use of font and smartly applying the font in your task. These are some font management work that every designer should keep in mind.  Here are some basic things about the font management that every designer should notice.

  1. Organizing Fonts
    there are 100 of fonts are available and choosing one in emergency becomes too hectic and confusing. So according to your project perspective make a list of fonts and have in one collection 25 to 30 fonts that would be easy for you select one required font.


  1. Favorite
    every designer has its list of favorite fonts so they should maintain a list of them. This will help you to select a font frequently when you are in hurry and want to complete your project very soon.


  1. Junk fonts
    even there are such fonts that are waste and completely dead and unnecessarily make lengthy the list. If you will have this waste font in your list then it would be time consuming to sift through them. So it’s good that uninstall all the dead font from the list and save much space of memory.


  1. Pre-installed fonts
    every system has pre-installed fonts that are used by the operating system. So never try to delete them from the list of fonts because it can malfunction of the OS. If you find them unnecessary then just deactivate them from the list.


  1. Highly readable fonts
    fonts that are frequently readable are considered by the designers on priority. These fonts should be include in unique collection thereby you can easily select one.

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