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Instagram beats all other social media platform discuss….

In the social media market many times your heard the name of Instagram, you can this talking point of present market. In order to increase the audience market, website traffic this is very useful tool for business. Here is discussion related to Instagram that why you choose it how it beats other social media sites […]

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LinkedIn launched Job Search app for I-Phones

LinkedIn just launched a dedicated app just for job hunting; it’s called LinkedIn Job Search App. It takes everything, job-hunters love about LinkedIn’s existing app and builds on it. The idea behind this app is to maximize your in between moments, Meaning LinkedIn hopes to you that you will use those times when you are […]

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Very soon in window phones May android apps run smoothly

According to the company report it is announce that very soon in window phone android app will be run smoothly. Some company want that it will be happen but some are not in favor & they believe that this is the harming step towards the window phones. In this matter Intel company pushing Microsoft to […]

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The updated app of Google is smarter with time-to-leave cards

Google updated their android app with the improved facility in the market. Also a news unexpected feature add into an additional language support for reminders and ok Google along hands free voice searches. In this a alert system also generate of your flight timing, appointment cards & specific arrival time. So in one word this […]

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New launched Face book’s news app Paper is like Flipboard with friends

Now Facebook finally announce wraps off Paper that is news aggregator application in the market on 3rd February. To expand the mobile app markets this application work as beyond of expectation. In the advertisement no mention of paper for android device, it is the shortcut of already available on android device as share, like, dislike […]

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The market of Indian app downloads is rise 15 percent globally as Nokia

On yearly basis according to mobile handset company Nokia announce that Indian market of mobile app fold up directly 15 globally. In the Indian market thousand percent of mobile app download by internet market user but this year it increases fourteen thousand percent. So managing director of Nokia this is a big change in the […]

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Why the necessity of android application increases in the present business market?

In technology market there is all depend upon the demand & supply means that according to present market requirement every scale business can gain earn profit from the android application. Because of the low prices of android phones buying the android or Smartphone is not so much difficult, so that now you can see easily […]

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